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2015 Is Coming!

Precious Memories

Time Is Getting Shorter By The Day

Follow Him

God And Human Suffering

Road Of Righteousness

A Commendation For You!

Faith Will Find Encouragement

No Excuses

Food for Thought

Questions You Might Ask the Elders

Every Moment Is Important

One More Try...At Least

Story: "The Church"

Call For The Best

VBS 2014

VBS Songs

Forgetting & Remembering

Are You Using Your Special Gift

Seek Ye First

Mothers and Memories

Do You Ever Blush?

Why Do We Have Elders?

The Red Umbrella

We Run...Because We Have Hope

School Zones and Life

Excellence Just Takes 10 More Minutes

For Such A Time As This

When the Going Gets Tough

The Power Of Persistant Prayer

Forgetting & Remembering


"Keep Running!"

"Follow Through!"

"Spiritually Blind...Spiritually Deaf"


"To Forgive or Not to Forgive..."

"No Substitute For Victory"

"2014 Is Here"

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