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10/12/2014 AM Jesus Stood Still
PM Mercy for the Merciful
10/5/2014 AM Near the Cross
PM Personal Examination
9/28/2014 AM Help! I Have Fallen and I can't get Up!
PM [Worship in Song]
9/14/2014 AM Why the Cross?
PM Three Strikes...Out!
9/7/2014 AM Faith...It Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking!
PM Technical Difficulties - No recording for this Sermon
8/31/2014 AM Excuses, Excuses
PM Do You believe Enough?
8/24/2014 AM God's Plan for Success!
PM [Worship in Song]
8/17/2014 AM Doing the Difficult Thing!
PM Let Us Not Be Moved
8/10/2014 AM What's Wrong with Gossip?
PM Motives for Right Doing
8/3/2014 AM Letters to the Churches - Laodicea
PM How Will They Know?
7/27/2014 AM Letters to the Churches -- Philadelpha
PM [Worship in Song]
7/20/2014 AM Letters to the Churches - Sardis
PM Daniel's Secrets of Success
7/13/2014 AM Letters to the Churches - Thiatira
PM When the Lord is Your Shepherd
7/7/2014 AM Letters to the Churches - Pergamos
PM A Burden to Bear
6/29/2014 AM Letters to the Churches - Smyrna
PM The Pouting Son
6/22/2014 AM Letters to the Churches - Ephesus
PM [Worship in Song]
6/15/2014 AM Of Whom are You a Reflection
PM How to Work with God
6/8/2014 AM Being a Good Steward
PM The Gospel Net
6/1/2014 AM Stone of Help
PM Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone
5/25/2014 AM Guest Speaker - Tim Stricklin
PM [Worship in Song]
5/18/2014 AM The Treasure and the Pearl
PM Our Inheritance
5/11/2014 AM The Model of Motherhood
5/4/2014 AM No recording for this Sermon
PM No recording for this Sermon
4/27/2014 AM The Need For Vision
PM [Worship in Song]
4/20/2014 AM Risen...The Road to Emmaus
PM The Great Day That is Coming
4/13/2014 AM What Path To Take
PM The Poor Who Become Rich
4/6/2014 AM What The Blind Man Saw
PM If You Faint Not
3/30/2014 AM The Golden Rule
PM This Thing Was Not Done in a Corner
3/23/2014 AM For Such A Time As This
PM [Worship in Song]
3/16/2014 AM Are You Prepared?
PM Five Great Duties of a Christian Life
3/9/2014 AM Defeating Discouragement
PM Your Own Steadfastness
3/2/2014 AM The Path To Belief
PM Man is Tempted...When?
2/23/2014 AM When The Bottom Falls Out
PM [Worship in Song]
2/16/2014 AM Farther Along
PM Peacemakers In A World Of Strife
2/9/2014 AM Running The Race
PM When Will These Things Be - Part 2?
2/2/2014 AM Preparing To Run
PM When Will These Things Be?
1/26/2014 AM Lessons From The Rich Young Ruler
PM [Worship in Song]
1/19/2014 AM How Do You Think?
PM Privileges of Childhood
1/12/2014 AM Are You Worshipping God For The Right Reason?
PM The End Of Miracles
1/5/2014 AM How Do You Smell?
PM No Service - Bad Weather

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