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We hope that you will find our website informative and helpful. If you're looking for a church home where you can experience friendly acceptance, come worship with us!

We are a group of New Testament Christians that believes the Bible is the inspired word of God. It is our responsibility to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost of the world. We regularly study and pray together, and encourage one another in our walk with the Lord.

If you are looking for a church home and are interested in learning and doing the will of God, we encourage you to consider this congregation where you will be welcomed by a friendly group of Christians.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel created by Bro. Mike to bring us positive and uplifting Bible studies during this time while our service times have been juggled to protect ourselves and others and not spread COVID 19.

You can subscribe to the channel by going to YouTube and search for Neelys Bend Church of Christ. To make it easier to find you can click on the image above. Then click on subscribe to be notified when new videos are posted.

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Wednesday Night Bible Study
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Sunday night services at Neely's Bend will continue a while longer to be suspended until further notice. We acknowledge that COVID-19, whether it is affecting us directly or not, is a real threat. And, while symptoms may not be quite as scary as the media portrays the illness, it is a very infectious disease and carries significant risks for certain populations. Therefore, we are taking all precautions to safeguard any risk of our congregation contracting COVID-19. Church leaders are taking extra health precautions to safeguard the protection of the congregation during this time of heightened virus awareness. Below are some of the precautions that have been put in place.

   Hand sanitizer is at each entry to the sanctuary.

   We are advised to avoid direct contact with fellow members as we are often    warned about close contact spreading COVID-19.

   Try to spread out and keep at least 6 ft. distance between members of    different households whenever possible.

   Masks are suggested not only for your safety but for the safety of others.    This is the responsible thing to do. But, they are not mandatory.

   If you're feeling sick at all, the Elders ask that you stay home.

   The Lord's Supper is offered with a pre-packaged wafer and juice cup in
   order to offer Communion in a more germ free way. The Communion Cups
   are available as you enter the sanctuary. If you forget to pick one up
   they will be offered at the appropriate time.

   Collection plates will not be passed during Communion but will be on the
   last pew as you exit any of the doors of the sanctuary.

Even though we are not able to fellowship with warm hugs and greetings to the fullest extent as we have in the past, we are so thankful that we can at least come together to worship. We must be responsible and do what we must to protect our congregation from the slightest chance of exposure. We are so thankful that we can at least come together to worship.

During this time, while we are not meeting as often as usual, we suggest you watch the TV station program that Neely's Bend congregation sponsors. In Search of the Lord's Way, on channel 1030 on Comcast. It is broadcast at 7 o'clock AM on Sunday. Each Sunday a video is presented that is very good and we suggest that you watch it if you get a chance. A suggestion: record it and watch it later. The program is also on YouTube. Click here--->(SearchTVMinistry) On YouTube, you can pick the video you want to watch. Subscribe and you will be notified when new videos are posted.

One video onsite that is applicable to this time is "Encouragement for uncertain times". It's just three minutes long, so check it out!
Just click on the blue link---> Encouragement for Uncertain Times

We, the Elders, will continue to monitor the situation and will resume our Sunday night services again as soon as possible.

May God bless and keep you always, and may He be glorified in all that we do.

The Elders
Neely's Bend Church of Christ

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We, as Christians, are all hungry for leadership that is
moral, professional, dedicated, and above all, honest.
Let us pray that those who are in positions
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For timely updates on all of our sick, please call
the CareLine at (615) 891-2736.

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